Wat i've did? Wat happened recently? Wat's wrong with that? Why should i cry for you guys? The best friends that i've treated with my real heart,why they treat me so badly? I've gave you guys my sincere and true heart. I'm so tired. Why i can't get any relationship as in friends or boyfriend? Why can you guys be so cruel to me? How do you feel if you were in my shoe? Terated me as if i'm not a human at all. Do you guys actually treat me as your friend?

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its sarahyinz......

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  • HaruIchigo
  • I may not be a great friend but TO ME YOU ARE just miss seeing you being yourself i hope things will turn alright for you soon... i'm just a friend when you need me... why i keep saying STAY STRONG TO EVERY FRIENDS OF MINE THAT WORD WAS USED BY SOMEONE WHO I CARED ALOT HE SIAD STAY STRONG BECOUSE we should Stay Strong & remamber there is people who cares for you don't think they don't sorry that i could not make you SMILE but ALWAYS HOPEING THE BEST FOR MY FRIENDS ^^
  • thankyou.... other then that i duno wat i can say.... thanks a lot.... thanks 4 encourage me.... thankyou....

    sarahyinn 於 2009/06/04 21:40 回覆

  • MIB Husband

    MIB Wife, which idiot backstab you wor? Tell me I go use a blunt knife and stuff it into his/her ass! Make it bleed then use as colouring for the cakes! MUAHAHAHHA! joking :P Anyway, if got any problem unhappy or sad, come and find me, can talk to me :) And I can use my myvi bang him/her when they cross the road, tehee~!
  • thanks mib lao gong.... by the way... u get ur car ady? wat colour? n i am ok ady... dun worry.... ^^

    sarahyinn 於 2009/06/04 21:34 回覆

  • HaruIchigo
  • Don't have to thank me becouse i know you would do the same if one of your friend so happen to be in your shoe, so don't have to thank me SO SMILE, LIVE THE WAY YOU WANT. WHAT EVER HAPPEN DON'T FORGET TO GRIN YOUR TEETH & LOOKFOWARD becouse you can change the Future FOR YOURSELF ^^